• Para realizar los trámites relacionados con la ONS debe dirigirse a la siguiente dirección https://gobernanza.ccn-cert.cni.es


Access to the office

Access to the Website is carried out through P@ssword. Only procedures that require signature or appearance will need to use the @firma component.

For more information on the different modes of accessed through Cl@ve, click on information about Cl@ve

Information about the digital certificate and @firma

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Digital Certificate

Important information about the digital certificate

Esta página requiere el uso de un certificado digital reconocido por cualquiera de las entidades oficiales de certificación nacionales, o del DNI electrónico. Si no dispone de uno, por favor, consulte la página de información disponible en https://valide.redsara.es para obtener uno, ya que no podrá acceder a la página de ingreso.

The use of the digital signature in documents requires the @firma component, which takes a few minutes to download, install and load. Please be patient and read the installation instructions provided.

Requisitos Técnicos

A broadband connection is required, given the volume of information to be transmitted, along with a valid digital certificate of a natural person or legal entity. The system requires the online transfer of documents with a maximum size of 4 MB per file.

Technical requirements of the firma component

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (latest versions). Java 6 and 7.
  • Linux: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Java 6, Java 7, OpenJDK 7.
  • MacOS X: Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Apple Java 6 following the guidelines of Apple, Oracle Java 7.