Personnel Security Clearance

Formalities related to a Personnel Security Clearance (PSC)

Formalities related to a Personnel Security Clearance (PSC)

Before a person may access classified information, the individual must be in possession of a Personnel Security Clearance (PSC). The PSC request must be submitted by the organization for which the individual works on a need-to-know basis.

  • Personnel Security Clearance Request:

Formalities for the PSC Request are the responsibility of the Head of the Protection Service for Classified Information (HPSCI) of the organization. Both the public and the private sector must have a Protection Service for Classified Information.

The documents required are:

  • PSCR Form: This form introduces the individual/s for which the PSC is requested and the clearance level required. It must be signed by a Head of Security.
  • PSD Form: This form includes the personal details of the individual for which the PSC is requested and subject to the required investigations. It must be signed by the individual that needs the PSC.
  • Personal Security Declaration:

This step must be completed only when required by the NSO and by the applicant of the PSC. This step includes the submission online of PSD Form – 101 updated. The required document is:

  • PSD Form
  • Advanced Security Questionnaire:

This formality is the responsibility of the individual in possession of a PSC and it is mandatory where there are matters that may impact the security of classified information during the period of validity of the PSC. Paragraph 6 of the PSC form lists matters to be answered when they affect the individual concerned or any cohabitee. At this point, a normalized document containing the information must be attached. Failure to provide the information may be interpreted as the concealment of information and lead to the refusal of the PSC application. If none of the matters affect you, you may skip this step.

Documentation required

To complete this procedure, the documentation required listed in the CNI site must be submitted.